Why flightox.com?

While there are several service providers in this industry, only a few have been able to bring about prices and deals that truly excite a customer. Our works goes beyond acting as a travelling agent but actually come into direct communication with clients and convince them for a mutually beneficial agreement. Ours is a simple and easy to use interface but popular all across the globe as one of the most reliable service providers.

Our booking process

All you need to do is select your departure and arrival destination and we bring you all the available options categorized according to rates, carrier, travel time and associate doffers. Just select and pay using one of our several payment methods and gateways and you are ready to take off.

Ticketing hours

We are open 24x7. However, if you are looking for a cancellation or refund, we might be busy on weekends depending on the carrier policies for the same.

Other services?

Apart from air ticketing, we offer hotel bookings and car rentals all across the "Country/Continent".

Payment options

flightox.com accepts a range of payment gateways including credit cards (Discover, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express), Debit Cards, Internet Banking, PayPal transfers and others. You may also choose to check out our cancellation/refund policies for a clearer picture of the service.

How do I receive the tickets?

The moment you pay for a ticket, it will process and show up in your email for confirmation. You can get a print out of the same and change it for the already reserved original ticket at the airport. We can also deliver tickets at your address on special requests.