Refund Policy


  • Most of the fight tickets available on are 100% non-refundable. However, in few cases where the airline permits flight cancellations, your refund may be credited for the future purchase of flight ticket for the same traveler and with the same airline. This credit amount issued by the airline comes with an expiration date, and we will suggest you to check with concerned airline for additional restrictions related to it. In cases where booking cancellation is permitted, you must place your cancellation request with our customer helpline service prior to the flight departure time. At the same time, we cannot guarantee any booking cancellation. Where you plan to make new booking by redeeming your airline credit, you will still have to pay the required fare difference (if any), any post-ticketing fees and airline penalties as applicable. These changes are applicable as per the fare rules and policies of respective airlines and are outside the scope of our terms of use.
  • We do not make any additional representation for our exchange fees, except for our agents guiding you while you search for your desired new flights and re-booking your travel arrangements based on flight availability and other factors.


Most of our flight tickets, holiday packages, pre-paid car rentals, hotels and service fee will be refundable only where you place your cancellation request within 24 hours of your booking. Further, your trip protection insurance could be refunded within ten days of purchase if you have not commenced your journey and have intimated our customer service executive about flight cancellation. You must place your cancellation request only over the phone. We will be happy to accept and process all refund requests only upon the fulfilment of the following conditions:

  1. Where you have placed a request for booking cancellation and refund and the fare rules of the concerned airline allow such cancellation and refund;
  2. Where a "no show" has not been marked against your booking (in most cases, a "no show" renders your booking ineligible for any waiver for refund process from the suppliers’ end); and
  3. Where we secure waivers from the concerned suppliers to process your cancellation request and subsequent refund.
  4. We cannot give any specific time line for processing your cancellation and refund request. All such requests will be processed as per the sequential format. Once you place your cancellation request with our customer service executive, we will provide you an e-mail notification acknowledging your request for booking cancellation. However, this won’t automatically entitle you for the refund. At the same time, we will give you a tracking number for your request which could be used for future reference. After this, will take your case with the concerned suppliers for generating a waiver based the rules and policies of the service provider and subsequently notify you decision of the respective supplier(s). Services fees charged form our end for your original travel booking will be non-refundable.
  5. We rely on the travel suppliers for cancellation and requested refunds. After the concerned supplier approves your booking refund, it may take some more time for the funds to appear on your card statement. It is not unusual for the suppliers to levy a penalty fee for your booking refund. The entire process could take about 60-90 days from the time of receipt of your refund request. Apart from the penalties as charged from the supplier’s end, may also charge a post-ticketing services fee, where applicable. Your refund fees will be on the basis of per-passenger, per-ticket booked. Where the supplier doesn’t process your refund request, we will be refunding the post-ticketing service fees applicable for your refund request assisted by our agents, but not the booking fees that we charge for your original travel booking.
  6. Cancellation Password - For security reasons, your bookings will only be cancelled only over the phone call, and not via web chat or e-mail. When you request to cancel your booking on your behalf, our travel agents will provide you an e-mail that will have a unique Cancellation Password to your e-mail that you have provided to our agents at the time of your booking. Kindly provide this Cancellation Password to our travel agents when they ask for it. This will be important to process and complete your cancellation request. Where you fail to provide this Cancellation Password, we won’t be able to process your cancellation and take your case forward. Also remember that your Cancellation Password will expire within three hours of its issuance. You may call our agents in case your Cancellation Password expires before processing of your cancellation. In this case, you will be issued a new password.


All changes made to your itinerary are subject to the fare rules of the concerned airline. Most of our flights, car-rentals, hotels and packages do not permit any name or date changes after the completion of your booking process. doesn’t guarantee and won’t be responsible for any bookings made or confirmed in cases where your initial itinerary is changed from the supplier’s end pursuant to supplier's schedule changes or on the request of customer.